A Guide to Hair System Tape & Glue

junho 10, 2024

Hair systems make men feel confident in their appearance. The hair system market is booming as everyone wants to invest in a toupee and wigs to get hairstyles that suit their needs. 

However, the one idea that always disturbs the hair system wearer is what will happen if the hairpiece falls or slips from its place. It would be a massive embarrassment for the person. Hairpiece attachment is the most significant cause of worry for those still exploring the world of hair systems and wigs.

Worry not; hair system tape and glue can help you overcome this fear. High-quality hair system glues keep the hairpiece in place and let you have all the fun while flaunting different hairstyles whenever you want.

The Hair System Heroes: Wig Tape & Glue

Hair systems are an excellent solution for conquering hair loss, and that solution is always hinged on secure attachment. Various hair system tapes and glues are available to assist the unit in seamlessly blending with the natural hair. 

Hair system tape is a double-sided adhesive that secures the hair system on your scalp. Various types of tapes are available in the market based on texture, thickness, and resilience. It works like a solid double-sided sticker that holds the unit in place.

Wig Glue: Investment in a product that offers longer life is an intelligent thing to do, and therefore, Hair system glue comes into the picture. It is a liquid adhesive that provides a permanent and long-lasting solution for those who have oily scalps. 

Choose the best for your hair needs

You have the solution to keep the attachment on your head for long. Which one are you going to pick? Which is the perfect solution for your hair needs? Below is a small guide to the ideal selection.

Lifestyle: Do you want to wear a wig for specific occasions, like on dates? Or do you want something more versatile to pull off at the gym, lunches, or the entire day? If you use it frequently, a wig with tape will suit you. Hair gurus recommend stronger glue if you want to wear it during workouts.

Hair texture: The hair system glues and tapes are made to suit different hair types and textures. It is essential to know which one is made for you. You can consult a hairstylist to learn more.

Scalp: Is your scalp dry or oily? Is it sensitive? The wig market comprises wig glues and tapes suited for your scalp. Dig a little deeper about your scalp health and type and which attachment is best for it. 

Now that you know how to make the choice, it is time to understand how to apply it. Here are some tips for attaching the wig to your scalp.

Preparatory measures: Keep your scalp clean and oil-free before wearing the wig. Any dirt or residue can cause the wig to fall off the scalp. 

Apply tape: Read the instructions before applying the adhesive. Cut the tape according to your needs, and use it to the system's perimeter.

Apply glue: The right way to apply glue is to double-apply it. After the first layer, put another layer on top after some time.

Press it: Now, place the hair system against the scalp and apply pressure for some time.

Remove it: A high-quality adhesive remover will help remove the hairpiece.

Maintenance is the key to keeping the bond strong

Enough has been said about the dos and don'ts of choosing and applying hair system glues and tapes. Now is the time to understand how to be extra careful with the attachments. Here are a few tips to provide proper care and maintenance so your wig does not slip off.

Excessive oiling is not good: Make sure to invest in oil-free products. 

Sweating is a villain: If you are a fitness freak and stay engaged in activities that make you sweat, choose a sweat-resistant adhesive to keep the bond strong.

Night time is crucial: Are you planning to spend the night wearing the wig? Use a satin pillowcase to decrease friction and increase the tape's life or glue. 

With everything being said, searching for a good vendor for the right adhesive products for your hair system can be overwhelming. For beginners, it is essential to get a proper consultation. Contact Superhairpieces for authentic hairpiece tapes and glues. Their customer support can help you buy the one that suits your needs. They have a wide variety of wigs, toupees, and other hair systems for men and women. Grab yours today to get the gorgeous look and confidence back!

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