Did you go overboard at the end of the year parties? let's get back to focus

janeiro 03, 2022

Christmas, New Year, holidays… Getting out of the rut at this time of year is totally normal!
But what to do now? First thing: no despair! It's no use blaming yourself. Remember the good times you lived and the life that follows.

Get back to your normal routine, no craziness, no starvation, no need to spend extra hours exercising.

No process will ever be linear! We have ups and downs, but the important thing is to be consistent about what makes sense to you.

We have a whole year ahead of us, and to help you, I've brought you some valuable tips for getting back into your eating routine after the end of the year parties.

Make the basis of your diet: real food, with light, natural and colorful dishes.
Foods rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, natural spices and whole grains.

Drink plenty of water and include digestive teas and diuretics in your daily life.

Suggestion: around 2L of water and 500ml to 1L of teas.
Diuretic teas: horsetail, carqueja, green tea, hibiscus.
Digestive teas: guaçatonga, mint, fennel and lemon balm.

There is still time to chase the loss. In addition to taking care of your diet and exercising, a good tip is to use styling belts, which can work as great allies in weight loss and body care.

I'm going to highlight some wholesale shapewear models for you to similar which fits best in your exercise routine or even work. 

This Black Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper Zipper Slimming Stomach will make you have a charming body shape.

It Features:

1. Detachable straps are easy for you to take off;
2. Two plastic bones can prevent curling;
3. The zipper of the crotch is convenient to go to the toilet;
4. Dropping glue prevents edge rolling greatly;
5. Three layers of abdomen design will strengthen tummy control.

Wanna shape your abdomen, let this Medium Control Skin High Elastic Mesh Panty Shapewear Plus Size Workout as your choice.

It Features:
1. Adjustable shoulder straps offering comfort and flexibility;
2. The high elastic mesh in the bust is suitable for different bust types;
3. The hooks of crotch design for ease when nature calls;
4. The inner layer of moisture-wicking fabric is comfortable and breathable.

This Black High Waist Butt Lifter With 2 Side Straps Body Shapewear with strong elasticity, lightweight, comfortable, and healthy to wear all day long.

It Features:

1. The front hook is convenient for you to put on and take off;
2. Add two bones to keep it upright, and easy to slip it on;
3. Two adjustable side straps stuffed with soft sponges for quick moisture-wicking;
4. Three-layer of fabric on tummy to enhance the firm hug, to create a sleek line;
5. The 1.37" elastic waistband reduces dig-in and squeezes for comfort during wearing

We all know that belly fat takes time to reduce. In fact, this is one of the hardest parts when we're talking about the weight-loss process. With the help of proper exercise, regular use of a Full Body Shaper can be a fantastic tool for reducing abdominal fat, especially in relation to the water retention we discussed earlier.

Plus, as we've said, you can wear your styling belt anytime, anywhere, even during your exercise routine.

Vegetables are natural sources of antioxidants, phytochemicals and anti-inflammatory drugs, they are also rich in fiber that increase satiety and are low in calories.


– consume 2-3 fruits a day
– 1 plate full of salad for lunch and dinner
– 1/4 of the plate of raw or cooked vegetables for lunch and dinner

Protein source foods will help you in society throughout the day, so you will feel less hunger and desire to snack. Furthermore, they help maintain muscle mass.

That pinch throughout the day is one of the biggest saboteurs of weight loss. There are small amounts such as: a few candies here, other cookies there and at the end of the day, you end up consuming much more calories than what is included in the diet.

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