Learn how to choose gym leggings and shorts

março 02, 2023

Two pieces that cannot be missing among fitness clothes are leggings and gym shorts. Versatile and comfortable, they are one of those indispensable clichés! That's why we've brought you tips on how to choose gym leggings and shorts so you can rock your workouts.

Consider the type of training
Cardio or bodybuilding, what will your workout be? This is one of the first things you need to consider, as there are high waist leggings and shorts in different lengths, colors and fabrics.

If you are going to do a bodybuilding workout, for example, it might not make much sense to wear white leggings or shorts, as there is a possibility of getting them dirty on the equipment.

What is the ideal outfit to wear to the gym?
Another factor is to take into account the level of perspiration during exercise, which influences the type of fabric and breathability of the leggings. 

Wearing black leggings during the day is not always a good idea, especially if it's hot. You will sweat even more. A short is a better option!
If you're going to train at night, it's worth using printed, metallic or clear leggings. 

Avoid excessive transparencies.
When choosing your leggings or shorts, look for fabrics that, when stretched to the maximum, do not become transparent.

Typically, gym workouts will involve some practices that will demand more tissue, such as squats. Imagine doing this with transparent leggings… It won't work, will it?
So, avoid excess transparencies. That way, you won't feel insecure at all when training.
However, there are some legging models that have transparent applications concentrated in certain parts of the body, such as the sides of the leg or above the knees.

Look for pieces with elasticity.
If transparency when stretching the fabric is dispensable, its elasticity is not.
Good shorts and good high-waisted leggings shouldn't hinder your movements and need to accompany all your actions. It's like they're a second skin.
To avoid irritation caused by the friction of the fabric with the skin, some legging models have a flat seam or are made without sewing, a technique resulting from thermocollage.

Purchase garments with high breathability.
Finally, the one about breathability! With the elevation of body temperature during physical activity, consequently sweating also increases.
A legging with a highly breathable fabric, such as polyester, will quickly transport sweat to the outside of the garment.

Prioritize your personal taste.
One of the most important tips is to prioritize your personal taste. This advice applies to many things in life, and it is no different in the world of fitness fashion.
Don't like prints? Do not use! You want to wear white leggings, yes? Only goes! Do not be afraid. You are the best person to say it and choose what matches or doesn't match who you are.

Choose a trusted brand.
If you don't know where to buy leggings and shorts online, our tip is that you get to know Cosmolle.
Several models not only of  activewear sets, but also of underwear and much more!

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