Mother and daughter looks: how to wear matching without losing the Christmas style

novembro 12, 2021

Christmas is coming and I really love the Christmas atmosphere. In fact, everything that involves decoration, whether at home or even fashion, fascinates me.

So today let's talk about fashion: Mommy and me dresses ❤

When a girl is born, a mother is born who wants to wear matching looks! Okay, we know this temptation is hard to resist. That's why today's text is especially for moms and their daughters.

Match the color chart
Many mothers may not like to wear the look exactly the same as their daughters because they don't feel comfortable in more romantic models, which are usually present in these looks or for a personal taste. For these moms the tip is: match the color chart!

Bring to your look colors that will be in your daughter's look, the combination will happen in the details. Another tip that helps with color combinations is that you vary shades.

Match only one of the pieces
This tip is the simplest of all and it works really well! It doesn't take so much planning with her, as only one piece will be the same or similar in the look of a mother and daughter. The secret is to pick up key pieces that you and your daughter already have and that are similar, it's worth a pair of denim shorts, a jacket, a leggings of the same color and dresses, the dearest of moms.

For the look to be even more similar, you can use the same accessory colors, or even the same accessories, it's also worth combining the shoe color and hairstyle.

Looks of mother and daughter alike
For moms who want to match looks, we also have tips! The main thing is to choose the modeling well, it shouldn't be too adult for your little one or childish your look. Comfortable pieces should also be a priority, after all, children like to play and run around!

Finding the same looks is much easier for moms and the PopopieShop store offers for family clothes with wonderful prices and perfect models❤💛💜

Did you like the tips? Tell us in the comments what are your tricks when it comes to matching the look with the little ones.

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