Men's vintage style: see tips on how to wear it and step back into style

novembro 04, 2021

Hello Men!
Men vintage clothing brings with it an atmosphere of the past. It usually appears with the use of original pieces that represent the fashion of that period😎

In the impossibility of getting old clothes, several designers develop new products referenced in the past, offering updated options of fashion classics.

Products with old-fashioned characteristics that are capable of making the men's everyday wardrobe even more modern, but strongly referenced in the history of fashion.

Utilities in the past, suspenders are now capable of transforming the simplest looks into cool and sophisticated looks.

They bring the retro atmosphere to the most basic combination of jeans and t-shirt and become the focal points of any look.

Choose thinner suspenders to create more casual looks with t-shirts, jeans and shorts.

Wider ones look better in formal situations. Color may vary, but black is basic. Neutral tones help to match everything, but nothing prevents you from taking chances with the colors.

The overalls, was a great success in the 1980s and 1990s, appearing in costumes of various Hollywood productions. It is an essential piece to adhere to the masculine vintage style. Brought to the present day, they have been used more and more by boys.

Whether in long pants or shorts, baggy or fitted, the bib has been successful among men and is easily found in stores.

The hippie movement, started in the 1960s and popularized in the 1970s, had as one of its manifestations the use of floral prints in men's fashion. Reviving this influence has been hit summer after summer among men.

One of the most formal pieces of men's wardrobe that has gone through centuries of fashion is the vest. Present on the most special occasions, it is mandatory, the clothing reaches today as a prominent element in simple and modern stylings for everyday life.

Overlapping button-down shirts or T-shirts with jeans, the vest loses its formal character. Slim fit mens tops pieces help to modernize the look and give more evidence to the shaped waist. Another tip is the choice of colors in the general composition: if the vest is black, it is worth layering it on lighter shirts and jeans or with a third color.

I've been browsing the Soinyou website and they have wonderful pieces that make up the vintage look with style and good taste. Get to know the site and enjoy the prices that are spectacular❤

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