How to use a modeling belt for body care? Check out these tips

outubro 18, 2021

Hello Girls,
The modeling belt has several benefits, but it is necessary to know how to use the accessory correctly and what precautions to take when purchasing the product. Follow all the information!

The modeling belt can be a great ally for those who are overweight, as it helps to make the posture more correct, the silhouette slimmer, in addition to reducing the appearance of the belly, breeches and other places where there is usually a concentration of fat.

The brace is also widely used during post-surgical recovery in interventions performed in the abdominal region, such as cesarean section and abdominoplasty, for example. Correct use within the first two months after an operation can optimize recovery and results.

Full body compression garment, for example, is a very suitable model for those who want to start using the accessory.

Benefits of the modeling belt
  • Helps patients in postoperative cases;
  • It thins the waist and shapes the body, making it more proportionate;
  • Corrects posture, combating back pain;
  • It improves self-esteem, as it reduces measurements during its use.

But after all, how to use the modeling belt?
The first step is always to follow the instructions of the doctor (in the case of post-operatives) and the manufacturer, especially regarding the maximum time of use (which generally does not exceed 8 hours).

The modeling belt, when of quality, is a very easy to use accessory. Just place it around your abdomen and make sure you're exerting moderate pressure (never too tight, so as not to hamper blood circulation). Check it step by step:

  • Place the brace upright, in a position with the spine erect;
  • Wrap the strap around the abdomen. Use the hooks or velcro present on the piece to comfortably adjust it, while ensuring that it is exerting light compression;
  • The strap should not be loose or too tight (to the point of making breathing difficult). Put it on and make sure you are able to breathe normally;
  • The accessory must remain in direct contact with the skin, that is, it must not be used over other materials or clothing;
  • Respect the maximum permanence time with the strap, indicated by the manufacturer.

The side zipper shapewear exerts enough pressure to shape the body, correct posture and provide support safely and comfortably.

Main cares when purchasing the modeling belt
The fabric must be breathable. The strap fabric must be breathable, preventing sweat from accumulating between the skin and the accessory during use.

The product must be discreet when worn under clothing
Nobody wants to look like they're wearing a styling strap under their clothes, so it's essential to buy a quality product that's discreet enough to go unnoticed.

The strap must be comfortable
The strap needs to be made from material and design that are comfortable for the body. It should promote compression, but without limiting natural movement or breathing. For this, it is necessary to make sure that you purchase a quality and trustworthy product.

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