Selection Guide for Different Shapewear Dresses

abril 29, 2024

Regardless of the design you choose, you are sure to have at least a few different styles of dresses in your wardrobe. After all, it is one of the favorites of women who love practicality.

Your favorite could be basic, striking, delicate or even luxurious. All of these types become even more favorable to the feminine look when you choose a version that is a shapewear dress, as it enhances your beauty and defines your shape.

What type of dress is trending this year?
The one with an A-line shape. If you have a classic style, you will certainly fall in love with it. Its main characteristic is to have a more waisted and loose shape in the hem area.
With this in mind, waist control through the shapewear mesh is interesting, as it can provide a slimmer shape. Just like the fluid dresses, very famous in the 1950s, it also gives a very feminine look.
Does a long dress suit all occasions?
Most, but it's up to you to decide that through your personal style. Some women may want to add extra points of elegance that go with the longer length offered by a shapewear maxi dress.
So, if this is your case, create ways to make your look lighter and more fun. Invest in prints to bring lightness. They can come through layers, shoes and even bags. Details with ruffles, animal prints or geometric prints that lead to a more surrealistic look are interesting for those who want to represent personality in the way they dress.
The slip dress version brings a dress closer to the body, with shiny fabric that resembles satin. The shapewear mesh here is interesting, as it guarantees more uniform curves both in the belly area, as well as in the hips, butt and legs.
Therefore, you can opt for a more romantic style by combining your piece with flats and using a cardigan as a layering or with high heel shoes for festive events.
What type of dress is most adaptable?
Many women have a very hectic routine, which is why they want dresses that can make their choices easier and are adaptable to different situations.
If this is your case, you can choose a shapewear midi dress which is one of the most adaptable shapes. It fits well for work activities, but also serves as leisure wear.
It can come in a version with thin straps, round neck, off-the-shoulder, with lace lining, halter shape and many others. Those with a side slit increase your size, lengthening you. The gathered detail on the sides helps to build a slimmer feminine shape in conjunction with the work already done by the shapewear mesh that slims and defines.
The envelope version suits practically any body type and are assertive options for both day and night on various occasions when you want to stand out and develop your self-esteem.
Extra elasticity promotes comfort. Furthermore, you don't need to wear underwear, as the groin area is made with cotton lining. Another facility comes through the overlap of this region, which makes your trips to the bathroom more practical and quick to optimize your time.

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