How to wear leggings without losing style?

novembro 01, 2023

In today's post you will learn how to wear leggings without losing your elegance. Despite being a very comfortable piece, many women still have doubts when putting together looks with this type of pants.

This is because, for many years, leggings were reserved only for sports and gym looks. Furthermore, many women are afraid that the piece will give the production an air of sloppiness.

However, by following the tips in this post, it is possible to create a total look full of style without leaving comfort aside.

To begin with, it's worth remembering that these tight-fitting pants are a big hit even in international street style. This is because the mix between versatility, comfort and practicality has everything to do with the current moment we are living in.

Furthermore, as sports style is on the rise and is popular especially among celebrities, it is becoming increasingly easier to see looks with leggings being popular around the world.

However, if your idea is to create a more elegant look, know that it is also possible. As these pants are very tight and revealing, a good tip is to opt for thicker or more differentiated fabrics. Leggings jeans with built in shapewear, for example, are a big hit and look believable paired with a blazer or heavier coats.

Finally, remember to always adapt the total to both your style and the occasion. Therefore, if you are thinking about a look for work, for example, it is better to combine the piece with longer, looser blouses or coats, so that the look is not overly sensual.

High-waisted pants or low-waisted pants?
Some people will opt for a waist below the navel, others will prefer the feeling of greater support, choosing a faja leggings high-waisted legging model. “Support is also important: the practitioner should not waste time pulling up her leggings during the exercise. The pants should not move or tighten the waist too much”, says Sabrina.

Precisely, in terms of size, fitness leggings should feel like a second skin without you feeling tight. Some are more flexible and offer the advantage of comfort, others will support you more and offer a shaping effect. It's up to you to choose according to your preferences!

What are the best shoes to wear with leggings?
As long as the total look is appropriate, the options are countless. To start, opt for sneakers when creating a more casual and sporty look.

If it's a winter look, for example, you can wear flat boots or even heels. In general, this type of pants looks better with closed shoes.

And, finally, if your style is more modern and fashionista, it's even worth combining with pumps, an interesting mix that has appeared a lot in street style and also in celebrity looks.

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